Jon-Olov Woxlin


Let it all in and let it all go
250 sek including shipping, vinyl
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All music and lyrics: Jon-Olov Woxlin
Back up vocal arrangement: Agnes Åhlund (From famous folk vocal group Åkervinda)

J-O Woxlin: vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo, violin
Anton Jonsson: drums
Björn Petersson: double bass
Erik Gunnars Risberg: steel guitar
Agnes Åhlund: vocals

Produced by Arnold Lindberg
Cover photo: Vangelis Kollias

01. Let it all in and let it all go
02. The cowardly kill of Willie Buck
03. The Alder King
04. Jaded
05. Tangled in the web
06. Never can be free
07. One liner blues
08. Nowhere to escape
09. Mr Z
10. Just like a veil
11. I don't know where to go (but I'm leaving)
12. Don't despair (when the train hits the bend)
bonus (on digital streaming services): I digress

Act Aloof

150 kr inc. shipping

Act aloof is also available on Tunes, Amazon och Spotify


All music and lyrics: Jon-Olov Woxlin

Acoustic guitar, harmonica, violin and vocals: Jon-Olov Woxlin
Bass guitar and percussions: Erik Fernholm

Produced by Erik Fernholm

01. Act aloof
02. A place to go
03. The ballad of Carl Henry
04. Ninette
05. Curb your dog
06. Joey the deserter
07. Cold Swedish winter
08. Singing Jerry Seinfeld
09. Fiddling renegade
10. It’s a matriarchy
11. Down in this grave of mine
12. CoBrA
13. Same old strife
14. Atheistic Street
bonus (on CD): Talking crazy/dreaming Izzy

Bohemian Disguise

150 sek including shipment

Bohemian disguise is also available on e.i. iTunes, Amazon and Spotify

All music and lyrics: Jon-Olov Woxlin

Acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals, organ and violin: Jon-Olov Woxlin
Drums: Magnus Lindberg
Bass guitar: Philip Jorstig
Steel guitar and electric guitar: Johan Elander
Produced by Johan Elander

01. Nickel and dime
02. Worn out boulevard
03. Ringing of the bells
04. Ain’t much fun
05. Lands of the fiddler
06. God’s golden shore
07. Yet continuing burning
08. Bohemian disguise
09. Brand new start
10. Within the crowd of many (there lies a crowd of few)
11 The ballad of Elston Gunn