MIX AND MASTER: Björn Pettersson

MUSIC & LYRICS: Jon-Olov Woxlin

Vocals and guitar: J-O Woxlin
Double bass: B. Pettersson
Mandolin, violin, steel guitar & dobro: Erik Risberg

1. Exit sign explicit
2. Already there
3. Esoteric woman of the night
4. Our journey's just begun
5. For another day
6. Junk trunk blues
7. Your new world is here
8. Mother of fate
9. The blaze of the thunder
10. Wrap up my heart
11. Venlafaxine #305 & 403
12. Milennial whoop


"A Raw and Authentic Folk Masterpiece", Rock the Pigeon

"I can’t rave enough about this project. It’s everything we could ask for. Woxlin’s organic and heartfelt approach to recording music speaks volumes about him. He loves music, and he wants you to know that. There’s not much more iconic than this", Le Future Wave

"...the tunes on the album contain something else that might not meet the ear at first. It’s a certain serious undertone, along the way this undertone is actually delivered. Only through the many different sceneries, the atmospheres, and the (let’s call them) pivotal emotional rollercoaster hotspots, the album gets a well-rounded glow, a sophisticated package, and an ultra-honest texture that is created to stay not only as a singalong routine but an album to remember", KMS Review KMS reviews

"The lyrical themes are as numerous as the winds. The listening adventure will appeal to fans of more avant garde folk and Americana music", Greg Jones - Ear to the ground Music
"There’s a stoic sense of transparency in Jon-Olov Woxlin’s Junk Trunk, a quality that invariably shines through in this Americana/folk rock/country album, the fifth in his discography", B-Side Guys B-Side Guys

"Jon-Olov Woxlin's musical prowess intertwines with the talents of his bandmates, birthing a timeless masterpiece that resonates with the cowboy spirit within all of us", Uranium Waves Uranium Music

"However, his Swedish roots lend a unique quality to his music, making his artistic contribution all the more remarkable. With “Junk Trunk,” Woxlin proves his ability to create captivating mile-a-minute folk music that resonates with listeners across borders", Yellow & Black - let the music shine #yellowandblackmusic

"Sin dudas, los discos de larga duración son un tesoro en éstos tiempo donde todos se acostumbran a saltar canciones a los treinta segundos. Pues, JUNK TRUNK, ofrece una experiencia completa", Zone nights ZoneNights

"Jon-Olov Woxlin’s Junk Trunk resonates on a profound level, offering a blend of introspection and lightheartedness that’s engaging from start to finish", UNXIGNED UNXIGNED

"With “Junk Trunk,” Jon-Olov Woxlin cements his status as a remarkable voice in the realm of Americana, folk rock, and country music", IMR Independentmusic.reviews

"The album consists of 12 tracks, each possessing its own unique qualities. Our journey through Jon-Olov Woxlin's universe begins with the track "Exit Sign Explicit," which immediately establishes the musician as an innovator in the Americana genre", Indie Boulevard Indie Boulevard Magazine

"His latest offering, the 12-song JUNK TRUNK, highlights Jon-Olov’s penchant for cleverly-worded folk rock with an onus placed on spontaneity", BUFFABLOG, NY, USA buffaBLOG

"Junk Trunk is an album with a compelling lyrical drive, ranging from soul-searching introspection to witty contemporary humor", Obscure Sound Obscure Sound

"Junk Trunk Blues est peut-être l’un des titres les plus Rock, les amoureux et nostalgiques de Chuck Berry ou Johnny Cash auront des frisons et comprendront pourquoi une guitare suffit à faire du rock",
Direct-Actu FR Direct Actu


Recorded very frugally at my home
Music by Jon-Olov Woxlin
Lyrics by Carl Fredrik Hill (famous Swedish painter)

1. Lastens ironi
2. Alla stormar
3. Vulkaner
4. Diktens ära
5. Självmordsyra
6. Konstnärn's snillelåga
7. En skald så arm
8. En don Juan
9. Nordanskogen
10. Våren alla blommor strör
11. Känslans konung
12. Svärma, drömma...

Mentioned in the music magazine LIRA and SVERIGES RADIO P4 (Folkmusiken i P4)



All music and lyrics: Jon-Olov Woxlin

J-O Woxlin: vocals, guitar

Produced by Arnold Lindberg
Cover painting: Rose-Marie Klintman (www.rmk.nu)

01. I've missed a lot of fun
02. The great unknown
03. The fiddler Abraham Hult
04. Soon to be expected
05. Drunken Willie McCane
06. Talking crazy / dreaming Izzy Young
07. Murder of crows
08. You're just the same (as anyone else)
09. The ghost of Old Nick
10. Heading for a fall
11. Where I once was born
12. Unreachable (in the style of John Prine)

To Elfrid.

"As I suggested previously the very traditional Americana / Country style won’t be for everyone, but I like Jon-Olov Woxlin’s world, and to be featured in one of his songs seems like a badge of honour, even if most of his characters seem to have come to early premature deaths. His message I guess to all of us that we should make the most of everything whilst we still can. I’m hoping that when the current restraints end we won’t need any reminding", NORDIC MUSIC REVIEW



All music and lyrics: Jon-Olov Woxlin
Back up vocal arrangement: Agnes Åhlund (From famous folk vocal group Åkervinda)

J-O Woxlin: vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo, violin
Anton Jonsson: drums
Björn Petersson: double bass
Erik Gunnars Risberg: steel guitar
Agnes Åhlund: vocals

Produced by Arnold Lindberg
Cover photo: Vangelis Kollias

01. Let it all in and let it all go
02. The cowardly kill of Willie Buck
03. The Alder King
04. Jaded
05. Tangled in the web
06. Never can be free
07. One liner blues
08. Nowhere to escape
09. Mr Z
10. Just like a veil
11. I don't know where to go (but I'm leaving)
12. Don't despair (when the train hits the bend)
bonus (on digital streaming services): I digress

Global Texan Chronicles (2019)
"This is now and Swedish troubadour Jon-Olov Woxlin’s hidden gem LP, Let It All in and Let It All Go, is a living tribute to those hallowed folk sounds and that bygone era. All 13 tracks are sincere and cinematic vignettes, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, and always tactile and surprising. A true ode to the crafts of phrasing and songwriting"

HI-FI WORLD (the July issue of 2019)
""Let It All In And Let It All Go’... offers an old fashioned, earnest delivery.
Very folkie-protester-in-the-sixties in tone. Old fashioned song quality too"

Nordic Music Review
"It disappoints that we haven't got more time to write in detail on Jon-Olov Woxlin;s latest release 'Let It All In and Let it All Go', because his follow up to the nicely written 'Act Aloof' is a highly entertaining series of songs and stories, all written in Woxlin's familiar Country influenced style. I'll never tire of his lyrics, some of which tell the most descriptive stories ('The Cowardly Kill of William Buck'), whilst some should be written into a constitution somewhere - I love 'Jaded' in particular. There's some great guitar playing to enjoy too (as in 'Don't Despair' and 'I Digress'), so please check out the album if you have chance."

"et har hunnit gå tre år sedan förra skivan, Act aloof, och en hel del har hänt i Jon-Olovs musikaliska värld. Let it all go and let it all in känns betydligt mer självsäker och bjuder på ett fylligare sound, mycket tack vare en bredare uppsättning instrument. Självklart får vi programenlig pedal steel, banjo och fin fingerpicking. Vi får tassande trummor och fotstampsrytmer. Men trevligast blir det ändå i pauserna från stampandet, i de lugnare spåren, som helt akustiska The alder king eller Mr Z där sparsmakad bas och enkel gitarr lyfter fram orden"

JPs's Music Blog
Nordic Music Review!
"And in general the lyrics are amongst my favourite of any album that I've heard in the last year, because Jon-Olov Woxlin is a thoughtful storyteller, in the traditions of all the best old songwriters", Andy Worsey



All music and lyrics: Jon-Olov Woxlin

Acoustic guitar, harmonica, violin and vocals: Jon-Olov Woxlin
Bass guitar and percussions: Erik Fernholm

Produced by Erik Fernholm

01. Act aloof
02. A place to go
03. The ballad of Carl Henry
04. Ninette
05. Curb your dog
06. Joey the deserter
07. Cold Swedish winter
08. Singing Jerry Seinfeld
09. Fiddling renegade
10. It’s a matriarchy
11. Down in this grave of mine
12. CoBrA
13. Same old strife
14. Atheistic Street
bonus (on CD): Talking crazy/dreaming Izzy

AVAIABLE ON CD! Feel free to contact me 


All music and lyrics: Jon-Olov Woxlin

Acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals, organ and violin: Jon-Olov Woxlin
Drums: Magnus Lindberg
Bass guitar: Philip Jorstig
Steel guitar and electric guitar: Johan Elander
Produced by Johan Elander

01. Nickel and dime
02. Worn out boulevard
03. Ringing of the bells
04. Ain’t much fun
05. Lands of the fiddler
06. God’s golden shore
07. Yet continuing burning
08. Bohemian disguise
09. Brand new start
10. Within the crowd of many (there lies a crowd of few)
11 The ballad of Elston Gunn

AVAIABLE ON CD! Feel free to contact me 

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